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Exisogui V1 4brar: A Tool for Extracting Xbox 360 ISO Files

Exisogui V1 4brar: A Tool for Extracting Xbox 360 ISO Files

Exisogui V1 4brar is a Windows program that allows users to extract data from ISO images of Xbox 360 games and convert them to the GOD (Game On Demand) format. It is based on Exiso GUI, a tool created by Schmurtz that makes it easier to extract multiple ISO files with a queue list and a little FTP browser[^2^]. Exisogui V1 4brar is a modified version of Exiso GUI that has some additional features and bug fixes.

Some of the features of Exisogui V1 4brar are:

Exisogui V1 4brar

  • It supports drag and drop of ISO files.

  • It can extract ISO files to a specified folder or to the same folder as the ISO file.

  • It can rename the extracted folders according to the game name or the ISO name.

  • It can delete the ISO file after extraction.

  • It can create a log file with the extraction details.

  • It can check for updates online.

To use Exisogui V1 4brar, users need to have .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed on their computers. They also need to have an Xbox 360 console with a hacked firmware or a JTAG/RGH device that can run GOD games. Users can download Exisogui V1 4brar from this link[^1^] and follow the instructions provided in the readme file.Exisogui V1 4brar is a useful tool for Xbox 360 gamers who want to backup their games or play them from an external hard drive. By converting the ISO files to the GOD format, users can save space and avoid disc errors. The GOD format also allows users to access the game content faster and easier.

However, Exisogui V1 4brar is not a legal tool and users should be aware of the risks involved in using it. Extracting and converting ISO files may violate the copyright laws and the terms of service of Microsoft and the game developers. Users may also face legal actions or bans from Xbox Live if they are detected using pirated or modified games. Therefore, users should only use Exisogui V1 4brar for personal and educational purposes and at their own risk.Exisogui V1 4brar is not the only tool available for extracting and converting Xbox 360 ISO files. There are other programs that can perform similar functions, such as XBOX 360 ISO Extract, Xbox Image Browser, and Xbox Backup Creator. However, each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, and users should compare them before choosing the best one for their needs.

For example, XBOX 360 ISO Extract is a simple and fast tool that can extract multiple ISO files in a batch mode. However, it does not have a graphical user interface and users need to use command lines to operate it. Xbox Image Browser is a tool that can browse and extract the contents of ISO files. However, it does not support the GOD format and users need to use another program to convert the extracted files. Xbox Backup Creator is a tool that can create and burn backup discs of Xbox 360 games. However, it does not support the drag and drop feature and users need to manually select the ISO files to extract. 0efd9a6b88

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